Different header, new menus, yeah!
Extend your possibilities!

New: More Menus

In version 1, Eve´s reduced menu didn´t allow too much pages. With version 2 and Foundation, you get the possibility to use new menus (horizontal and vertical) with the original one - or instead of. This also gives you the chance to style your header in different ways like shown on this page.
Have fun!

So many features!

You can now decide, if you only want to use the original Eve menu (for sites with a few pages) or if you´d like to go big and have additional menus. As a result of this, you´ll have more possibilities to style your header. With Foundation and its features in place, you can also use all the fancy goodies it includes.
There are grids, forms, a slider, modals, lightbox solutions, navigation solutions and a nifty "take a tour" plugin.
Hint: Read the docs and see the code samples provided by Zurb!

Just an example: Use modal windows to provide additional infos, logins or contact forms. Click on the button for an example including a contact form.

Click Me For A Modal sample

A gallery in a grid, with lightbox!

This gallery is using a grid which will show four columns on larger screens while the grid will be reduced to two columns on mobiles. Click on any picture!

Tooltips examples - hover!

The tooltips can be positioned on the "tip-bottom", which is the default position, "tip-top" (hehe), "tip-left", or "tip-right" of the target element. On a small device, the tooltips are full width and bottom aligned.

The Tabs

Use tabs to organize your content. If you add a class "mobile" like in this example, they will display vertical and full width on mobile screens. Under the tabs you see an accordion.

This is a vertical menu

Tabs Description
Simple Tab 1
Simple Tab 2
Simple Tab 3

Hey, let your creativity flow and create something great!

You can use this as a ticker!

You can use this somewhere else on this page, too, of course.

Write anything you want here!

You can display some news, if you want.

Or maybe some important infos.

A Modal! Awesome.

Use it for additional messages, logins, forms ....

You can have a contact form in a modal window: